ProActiv Didn't Work

I was 20 and STILL had acne. But I finally found the cure.


I HATED Pictures

Not anymore. I'm finally free.


The Acne Free Diet

Everything you need to know to clear acne.


Popping Pimples

How to Properly Pop Your Pimple

** WARNING **: I REALLY pop a zit here. How to Properly Pop a Pimple the RIGHT way.

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My Before & After

Pictures of my skin transformation

I tried almost every cream, mask, pill but found that diet cured me in the end.

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Picking Up Women

What I’ve learned when it comes to girls

Are you (1) an acne sufferer or (2) a man / woman who happens to have acne?

Get Clear

Nuts are BAD!

Watch this if you love eating nuts

If you like eatingAlmonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Macadamia, Peanuts. Watch this video!

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Jacking off vs. Acne?


Chocolate vs. Acne = BAD

Bad Fruits

Do certain fruits cause acne? Yes.

F*@#! ProActiv

It didn’t work for you? Here’s why.

New Zits?!

Getting a new pimple everyday?


10 Best Alcohol Drinks



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If you don’t understand the connection between diet and acne, you’ll never truly be able to achieve lasting clear skin.  After trying LITERALLY almost everything, I’ve found that the only way to really cure acne is from the inside.

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What REAL Clients Have Said

Here’s what REAL people have said about Ray’s program.

truth be told ray, my acne actually did improve a lot during these 30 days… Thanks so much Ray! Don’t know what I would do without you!

Jonathan F.Real Customer

Honestly, I did not trust the site to begin with. But once I tried it for myself, I realized it was more than correct. I personally tried everything and this site saved my life and my confidence. I owe this site a donation when I am older. Thanks Ray Wang

Chris N.Real Customer

Hey Ray, First I wanna say that I really like your “Acne Regime”. I saw all the videos and, now I know so much about my own body, that I didn’t know before.

Olivia A.Real Customer

Dear Ray, I really appreciate you answering all my questions. You have been extremely helpful and it is only day three of the program for me! I can already feel my body changing, it is almost unbelievable.

Thomas U.Real Customer

By the way, I didn’t say this before, but thanks for doing what you’re doing. I’ve already started incorporating the Acne Free Diet into my life and already have some progress with my skin.

Karissa A.Real Customer

It has only been TWO days and I can see results!

Celeste B.Real Customer