Ray’s on Vacation

Some of you have noticed that this website hasn’t had any new acne posts or articles for the past several months. So what’s going on?

Well, I’m leaving for a trip in September 2014 and I’ve been trying to stay away from technology and being a workaholic for the last … well … a while.


That means, no TV, no internet, no music, and even no books. And if you know me, you know I love reading. Plus, this also means going vegetarian.

I know I teach a lot about eating clean and healthy on this website, but even for me, not eating meat is a tall order.


I’ve hit a point in my life where I’m looking for something. Now, I’ll talk more about what this is when I get back, but this is definitely something that I need to do … for me.

Sorry guys, you’re going to have to wait a little. But I promise you things will be EVEN BETTER when I get back.…

Fun app to see you look like with clear skin

So I found this iPhone app the other day called “Facetune.” The fun thing about this app is that you can clear your skin, whiten your teeth, and do some simple touch ups.

You might like this app because … of course, you can see what you look like if you didn’t have acne and you had clear skin.

I think it’s great motivation to see how handsome (if you’re a guy) or beautiful (if you’re a girl) you will look once you clear your skin!

I tried it on a high school graduation picture that I had to see what I could’ve looked like when I had acne. And this picture wasn’t even when my acne was the worst! Plus, it’s a high school graduation photo, so … the photographers definitely touched things up a little bit before they sent it back (I could tell, my acne was worse than this senior year).


Ray Before After High School Graduation Ray Before After High School Graduation1

Pretty cool huh?

Man, I would’ve been so much happier if I had skin like that during high school!

Look at that AFTER picture!…

3 Reason Why Clear Skin People Don’t Understand Acne

I think one of the worst things about having acne is that people with clear skin just don’t understand.

And sometimes I wish I had was “fat” instead, because at least then people could relate a little. However, I don’t think most people understand what it’s like to have tried everything yet still have a face covered in pimples.

Here are 3 scenarios you’ve probably encountered if you had acne:



What Happens: When you tell your friend about this crazy huge new pimple that’s bothering you and your friend says, “Where? I can’t tell.”

What We See: What I heard here was that I had so many pimples, one more didn’t really make a difference.


What Happens: You ask your close friend, “Hey, how bad is this pimple? I don’t know if I want to go out tonight.” Your friend say, “It’s not that bad, I can’t even tell.”

What We See: Now I know my friend was just trying to be helpful, but sometimes I think I just needed the truth.…

Do Potato Chips Cause Acne?

If you love potato chips, junk food, or just any sort of crunchy chip like snack and was wondering if it caused acne, breakouts, or pimples … here’s the answer.

Oh, and I hope you like my bit of humor here. Written, recorded, and edited by yours truly, Ray J. Wang. Enjoy!

Okay Ray … define “chips?”

Pop chips, Frito lay, Kettle chips, Pringles, Ruffles, Lays, Popped Chips, Thin & Crispy, Cheetos, Doritos, Sunchips, Tostitos, Funyuns, Ripples. And I probably missed a lot more. These are all chips folks and they are covered under the category of potato chips thereby related to your skin and acne!

About: If you have a savory tooth or like potato chips, I break down why and how chips can affect your acne. It’s something that most people don’t know. This is especially informative if you are an acne sufferer and love your chips and junk food. I also show you some of my favorite chips in the video! But really, who cares about that (unless you have some great recommendations ;).…

2 Acne Secrets You Never Knew

There are 2 things almost no acne sufferers know about why their acne happens.  And if you are already familiar with this topic, I’m sure this will help you refresh your memory.

ACNE SECRET#1: What you eat CAN cure acne.

Many, otherwise experienced skin care specialists, avoid them because they seem too complicated at first glance. The real problem is that skin care diets are rarely explained properly.

Most dermatologists and the online skin care advice always talk about things like “excess sebum” and “black and white comedones.”

But if you stick with the Acne Free Diet that I teach you, you’ll discover that what you eat can clear your acne, stop breakouts, and get rid of acne scars in a natural and healthy way —nothing more, and nothing less.

As someone whose used antibiotics for years and thought that my acne would never get better, I’m telling you (along with hundreds of others that I’ve helped), it’s very possible to clear acne naturally through the right diet.

Let me give you some more pointers so you can get started right away.

Does Exercise Cause Acne?

On one hand, I want to have clear skin.

On the other hand, I want to exercise and be buff (or lose weight).

But what’s the point of exercising to look good if you’re breaking out with acne because of it?

Many of my readers end up asking me the confusing question: Does exercise cause acne?

Or, here are some other forms that you might be thinking of:

Does working out cause acne?

Will lifting weights cause me to break out?

Or how bad is running for my complexion?

I present to you, 8 cases:


I get these question all the time, so I’ve decided to write a short little article about it.…

3 WRONG Ways of Curing Acne

And believe me, your view of how “trustable” dermatologists change when a famous skin doctor (your friend recommended) has been injecting a magical formula into your skin to make large pimples go away and you find out months later after using it (and also $75 per shot) that it was steroids!

And that was just one of the many stories I have.

I know why you’re here. I’ve been down this road before and REALLY have suffered from acne. In the 10 + years that I’ve gone through the dermatologist visits, the antibiotics, the creams, the laser procedures, the weird diets, I’ve learned a lot of important lessons. Here are 3 valuable things that I’ve learned.…

Bikini Woman Tanning Sun Boobs Breasts Hot

Acne almost gave me man boobies

“What is this?” I asked

My dermatologists response was, “This is a shot that … [insert some jargon I didn't fully understand].”

“Oh … okay.  As long as it works and gets rid of the pimple, whatever …” I thought.

I was in my teens.  I had really bad acne.  I was getting a new pimple or two everyday on my face.  It was rare that I would wake up and not have a new zit forming on my face.  Touching my face hurt.

Sometimes I could feel the pulsating of the pimple on my nose if it was big enough.

It disgusted me.  I looked disgusting.  I felt disgusting.  

God, I would be like this forever.

No one could ever love me.

I had worked hard all summer and saved up a couple thousand dollars.  I spent it all on him and that “shot,” whatever the heck that was.

This dermatologists was referred to me by a good friend who had her acne treated by him too.  She said he was really good.  And he was.  He was good at what he did.…

How To Stop Acne and Breakouts in Winter 2013

So winter’s coming up and if you’re where I’m from, Orange County California, temperatures are dropping to the mid-50′s and even as low as the 40′s early in the mornings.

So for all of you other readers that aren’t in Orange County who may have even COLDER winters, then this article definitely applies to you and your complexion.

We’re going to be covering 3 tricks I learned about preventing acne and breakouts this winter.

WINTER TRICK #1: Moisturize

If your skin is normally oily, you may not need to do this because your face may not get as dry. But if you notice that your lips are cracking and your face feels a little bit tighter, you may want to moisturize. For women, this isn’t a new concept. But for men, this may be a foreign land to you.

So here’s my advice when it comes to moisturizer:

1. Just because it’s more expensive doesn’t mean it’s better
2. You want oil free moisturizer if possible – this way you decrease the likelihood of clogging your pores
3. Simpler the better – you want less ingredients