Meet Ray.

Founder and creator of Clear Your Acne.

About Ray

Ray is a Medical Nutrition Therapist and a Certified Alternative Nutritionist.

A undergraduate and at current graduate degree in the field of Dietetics and Nutritional Science.

When you’ve tried everything else, you understand that most “quick fixes” are one more way to suck your pockets dry and not give you any results. But the one thing that Ray was most tired of was that sinking feeling he got deep in his chest, every time he realized that “this” wasn’t working.

One day, he made up his mind and said to himself, “I’m going to do whatever it takes to clear my skin.”  And that was  when things starting turning around.  He wanted to learn everything there was about about acne and how to conquer it.  Ray read books, researched online, talked to specialists, visited dermatologists, made logs, experimented on myself, and labored over the topic until I really understood. No exaggeration, he wanted to absorb EVERY drop of everything. He was a mad scientist.

As so, and the My Acne Coach Program was developed.

Ray’s Written Work

Ray published his 2 Acne Nutrition books as a result of this relationship with The Acne Community, now each in their second edition.

Ray Really Did Have Acne

Having suffered from acne for the last 10 years of my life, I have my own opinion about things. Some treatments and acne plans I have like more than others, I put in this website. Others that I like less have either been excluded completely or have been commented about in some way. So again, you may recognize little things here and there, maybe even large things. I’m simply spreading the knowledge and experience of others and my own.

In the back of my head, I knew that people like me who were suffering from acne, would kill for this information. And I wanted to give it to them.

I’m an ex-acne sufferer of 10 years and I’ve created this website in order to help bring about the knowledge of how the body functions holistically, specifically in relation to acne.

I’ve tried everything from commercial acne products such as Proactiv Solutions & topical creams to the more extreme acne treatments, like ultraviolet electric laser therapy and steroidal injections. None of that stuff worked for me.

I’m now a graduate student of Dietetics and Nutrition Master’s Program, manager of a Contracting Company, real estate licensee, and an avid psychology enthusiast. Acne led me onto a new path in my life, and I’m glad to be a part of something bigger than myself.

I’m here today to be your “personal” coach and to guide you through your acne struggles and how to clear your face exactly like how I wished someone would’ve helped me when I was struggling with acne. I know what you’re going through because at that time in my life, I too, would’ve given anything and everything just to “move on” with my life.

This is the story of how I battled with acne… and won.

Show off the “TRUE YOU”,

Ray J. Wang, CAN
Former 10 Yr. Acne Sufferer
Certified Alternative Nutritionist