About Ray

Hi, I’m Ray and I’m a certified alternative nutritionist.

For more than 10 years, I’ve suffered from, battled and eventually cured my acne myself. I’ve tried everything from ProActiv, creams, antibiotics, herbs, and even flying out to a foreign country to visit a famous dermatologist. Nothing worked. You can imagine the devastation I felt in my heart… and in my pockets.

I’ve created this website containing more than 10 years experience of articles, pictures, videos, reviews and anything that you could ask for on how I cleared my acne, things that I tried that didn’t work, and how to clear your acne.

My Story

I’m an ex-acne sufferer of 10 years and I’ve created this website in order to help bring about the knowledge of how the body functions holistically, specifically in relation to acne.

I’ve tried everything from commercial acne products such as Proactiv Solutions & topical creams to the more extreme acne treatments, like ultraviolet electric laser therapy and steroidal injections. ┬áIn the end, it was the right combination of nutrients and diet that cured my acne.

I’m here today to be your “personal” acne coach and to guide you through your acne struggles and how to clear your face. I know what you’re going through because at that time in my life, I too, would’ve given anything and everything just to “move on” with my life.

This is the story of how I battled with acne… and won.

Show off the “TRUE YOU”,

Ray J. Wang, CAN
Former 10 Yr. Acne Sufferer
Certified Alternative Nutritionist