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Chocolate vs. Acne = BAD

Bad Fruits

Do certain fruits cause acne? Yes.

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10 Best Alcohol Drinks

What a strange cartoon …

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Found this strange image while I was trying to find inspiration in creating a logo this morning and thought I would share it with you all. SOOLANTRA — Tough Topical Campaign from Ars Thanea on Vimeo. I think it's a cute cartoon but the sad thing is that a lot of people out there still believe that creams and topical medications are what will help them cure their acne.  The truth is, something outside will never completely cure your acne. It comes from the inside. HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED? And if you've ever put on creams and broke out and...
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I blamed acne for not having a girlfriend

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This is a multiple series article, so if you're just popping in here, don't forget to read the other parts. Part 1: You gotta know who I am first Part 2: How many women I’ve been with Part 3: I was a loser with acne Part 4: I had no game Part 5: Dating stories while I battled acne Part 6: Wait … I had acne? I never had acne! Part 7: Better dating stories Part 8: What my life is like today Part 9: Do girls care about acne? (... and other things I've learned) PART 4: I HAD...
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LIES: Cure acne in overnight

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Okay, look. All these people who have written books and articles about curing acne overnight, it's a lie. You can't. As someone who's had acne for years, tried just about everything, then studied just about everything on top of going back to grad school to obtain a Masters in Dietetics and Nutrition, curing acne overnight does not happen. It does make for a great title and quite a compelling link to click on YouTube though.  Hopefully you haven't been fooled and if you have, then I hate to break it to you, you've been fooled. Luckily, I'm here to tell...
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Are you too acidic? Quiz

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Want to know if your body is too acidic and hurting your acne?Find out below with this checklist of 30 symptoms I found from Care2.  Score yourself: Give yourself 1 point for every YES.  1-5 Points: Low Acidity, 6-10 Points: Acidic, 11 or more: High Acidity.  And if you're even higher than that, I definitely recommend changes to your diet. Lack of energy, constant fatigue, loss of physical tone and psychic drive, sensation of heaviness in the limbs, feelings of inability to cope. Lower body temperature; frequently feels cold. Tendency to get infections. Loss of drive, joy and enthusiasm. Depressive...
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3 Reasons Why I Get New Pimples EVERY Day

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Last updated: June 2017 I used to get a new pimple every day. Literally, every single day I would wake up and I would have a new pimple. Sometimes it would be on my nose, sometimes it would be on my cheek, but more often than not, it would be on the back of my jawline … right, where I couldn’t reach. I had them everywhere and it didn’t seem to matter whether I was stressed, got good sleep, or ate fried foods. Because I’ll tell you this, sometimes I slept really well, wasn’t stressed at all, and didn’t eat...
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