What a strange cartoon …

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Found this strange image while I was trying to find inspiration in creating a logo this morning and thought I would share it with you all.

SOOLANTRA — Tough Topical Campaign from Ars Thanea on Vimeo.

I think it's a cute cartoon but the sad thing is that a lot of people out there still believe that creams and topical medications are what will help them cure their acne.  The truth is, something outside will never completely cure your acne.

It comes from the inside.


And if you've ever put on creams and broke out and didn't put on creams and DID NOT break out you might know what I mean.

Or maybe you slept well and stressed a lot or slept well and STILL got new pimples.

That's because it's all about diet.

It's ALL about what you put in your body.

Just think about it ... if you gave a dog only crap food, junk food, chips, and candy for 10 years, do you think he will grow to become healthy and strong with a nice fur coat?

But what if you gave this dog healthy, high quality dog food and made sure that he got all the nutrition that he needed?  Don't you think that he would have a much better chance at being the healthiest he could possibly be?

The idea is really simple, but it's not easy.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that our bodies need good food and if you don't give it good food, you don't get good skin, you don't get good hair, you don't get good energy, you don't get good health.

The problem is figuring out WHAT to eat.

And this is because in the world we live in today, it's not as simple as trusting what people and companies say anymore.

A lot of them make food, yes, this is true.  But they have other more important interests in mind like pleasing their shareholders, expanding the company, making money while their product JUST HAPPENS TO BE soy, or corn, or milk, or vegetables.

They could've just as easily been in the business of producing pharmaceutical products, or automobile gasoline, or computer parts.  Not all food companies are created equal.

In a world full of more choices now than we've ever had before, it's up to us to figure out what is actually good for us and what is FAKE good for us.

The best thing you can do right now, is learn what your body really needs to clear acne.

I can teach you.

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Ray was an ex-acne sufferer for more than 10+ years and spent over $10,000 on acne products, creams, dermatologists, laser surgeries, ProActiv, you name it, he's tried it. After finally curing himself through diet, he became a believer that the right formula of food can truly heal all. While starting My Acne Coach, he finished his Masters degree in Nutrition & Dietetics and became a Certified Alternative Nutritionist.