Jacking off vs. Acne?


Chocolate vs. Acne = BAD

Bad Fruits

Do certain fruits cause acne? Yes.

F*@#! ProActiv

It didn't work for you? Here's why.

New Zits?!

Getting a new pimple everyday?


10 Best Alcohol Drinks


3 Best Christmas Presents for Curing Acne

So Christmas is right around the corner.  Here are 3 non-food related gifts that you can get either for a friend or family member if you want to help them along…
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3 Reasons Why I Get New Pimples EVERY Day

Last updated: June 2017 I used to get a new pimple every day. Literally, every single day I would wake up and I would have a new pimple. Sometimes it…
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Acne Free Diet

5 Tips to Avoid an Acne Breakout on Halloween

So it's Halloween, there are tons of treats, alcohol, partying and all the vices that might cause you to break out. What's an acne sufferer to do?  Here are my…
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Touching Your Face DOES NOT Cause Acne

Recently I found an article titled "Why You Should Stop Touching Your Face" talking about several points of how touching your face is bad for you and can cause acne.…
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Acne Secrets

Clear Your Acne Before Your Hot Date Night

You’ve just found out that your crush is going to be at that party next Friday night or maybe you just asked or got asked out by that someone you’re…
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Acne SecretsBlog

HELP! Acne in my Eye

That's right, acne in my eye.  Not actually ON my eyeball, but I had whiteheads on my eyelids, discharge and pus coming out of my eyes.  Whenever I woke up…
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Acne Secrets

Would Argan Oil Cause Acne?

I've done a little bit of research and there's a small movement of people who swear by argan oil, especially after abandoning coconut oil as a moisturizer. Unfortunately, for us…
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Acne Secrets

Coconut Oil May Cause Acne & Breakouts

I used to recommend clients to use coconut oil as a moisturizer because it was closer to a nature made product versus all the man manufactured and processed randomness on…
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Acne Free DietOther Foods

3 Scenarios: Eat a Light Breakfast if You Have Acne

So typically, most of us, when we wake up are hopping in the shower, brushing our teeth, and then getting ready for school, work, or getting ready for a selfie.…
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BlogEating at Home

3 Thanksgiving Tips if You Have Acne

Here are 3 of my best tips for you, if you have acne, and don't want to suffer anymore break outs because of Thanksgiving dinner ... because there's going to…
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Acne Free DietOther Foods

4 Foods to Eat for Clear Beautiful Skin

A few days ago, a good friend of mine and I were talking about my website when he suddenly said this... "Ray, I showed your website to my friends and…
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