3 Reasons Why I Get New Pimples EVERY Day

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Last updated: June 2017

I used to get a new pimple every day. Literally, every single day I would wake up and I would have a new pimple.

Sometimes it would be on my nose, sometimes it would be on my cheek, but more often than not, it would be on the back of my jawline … right, where I couldn’t reach.

I had them everywhere and it didn’t seem to matter whether I was stressed, got good sleep, or ate fried foods.

Because I’ll tell you this, sometimes I slept really well, wasn’t stressed at all, and didn’t eat fried foods. And you know what? I still had new pimples forming every single day.

It got so bad that I would celebrate if I could even have one week where my face was flat without any new pimples or whiteheads forming.

For those of you who don’t know my story, I’ll tell you more about it in my other articles, but this is what I learned.

That ultimately, my body had these things wrong with it:

  • I was extremely acidic.
  • My hormones were unbalanced.
  • My body wasn’t very good at eliminating toxins.

Eventually, I figured out that if I could cure these things, I could cure my acne and that I was spending all my time trying to solve the wrong problems.


Ask yourself this, have you tried going to the dermatologist yet?

Have you tried Proactiv yet?

Have you tried aloe vera, vitamins, eating salads, popping your pimples, staying away from fried or spicy foods yet?  Did it make a difference?  Do you still have acne?

So let’s go back to those 3 things that I found out about my body.

Side Note: I could go on all day about these 3 problems, but I’m just going to give you the short version right now. You can hear me talk more about how to solve these problems in detail and cure your acne for good in my program below.

It’s a program that I spent 10 years designing and it’s helped cure hundreds of people’s pimple problems. All I ask is that you check it out.

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REASON #1: My body wasn’t very good at eliminating toxins.

What's the test here?  Simple.  Go to the mirror and check your skin.

Do you see tons of black and white heads?

If so, then your body isn't very good at eliminating toxins.  And in order to keep you alive and not pollute yourself to death, it's pushing out toxins whichever way possible.  In other words, it's coming out through your skin whether you like it or not.

We have two solutions here: #1. Do what everyone else is doing and try to pop all your pimples, extract all your whiteheads, and squeeze all the zits.

And if you want to do that, I have the video for you to learn how to properly pop a pimple too:

But THE OTHER WAY, the much better way so you don't have to keep popping pimples the rest of your life?  That way, is clearing acne from the INSIDE.  And that's why my program is different.

REASON #2: My hormones were unbalanced.

Everyone's always talking about this.  They say things like, "Oh, your hormones must be unbalanced.  That's why you're breaking out.

So I think a lot of us acne sufferers have heard this concept of "hormonal imbalance" but the real question is: what the heck are we supposed to do about it?!

The real answer is way too long for me to explain to you in this one blog post, if you want to learn the full explanation of clearing your acne quickly and balancing your hormones, definitely check out The Acne Free Diet or one of my other programs here.

For now, let me give you point you in the right direction so at least you can do some more of your own research whether you decide to go with me or someone else:

  1. Birth Control: Obviously, if you're taking or have been taking a pill that regulates and modifies your hormonal cycle for years, your hormones may act a little less "normal."  We know that it will help you in some other ways, but as of now, scientists have NO WAY of knowing how exactly these pills really do affect your body and skin.  So, by the end of your acne journey, I KNOW you will have stopped taking these terribly harmful pills.
  2. Avocados: Way too much omega-6 fatty acids.  It's foods like this that will throw off your hormonal balance and cause more pimples everyday.  So if you like avocados, I'm sorry, you need to stop eating them.  However, that alone won't cure your acne.  You're going to need to learn more about an acne free diet.
  3. Teenage Years: If you're going through your teenage years and your body is changing, then of course it's "normal" to have a little bit of acne here and there.  No, not really.  The funny thing is that we've seen so much of it in our society that we BELIEVE it's normal.  Our bodies are changing and growing, and some things might go haywire and so you have a few pimples.  I get it.  But the real question is, why did you break out and other people didn't?  What's "different" about you than these other people with clear skin?  We're about to get to the bottom of this here.

REASON #3: I was extremely acidic.

If you have acne, most likely, you’re body’s acidic.  Take this "Are you acidic?" quiz below to see if any of these symptoms  with you.

Take the Acidic Quiz

If any of those match with you, most likely your body is acidic and therefore, break outs happen on your skin very easily.

And that's why my program works.  It targets your acidity, specifically concentrating on your acne.

Try it, money back in 7 days if you're not satisfied. That's how confident I am that you're on the right track.

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