3 Best Christmas Presents for Curing Acne

By 12/20/2015Blog

So Christmas is right around the corner.  Here are 3 non-food related gifts that you can get either for a friend or family member if you want to help them along with clearing their acne.  Or, just get it for yourself because it's important to love the self =).

GIFT #1: Enzyme Exfoliator (Approximately $10)

This is a basic and gentle tool that the average acne sufferer can use to shed off the outer layer of skin.  It's something that I think every person should have in their facial skin toolbox because it's not like the scrubs that use physical force to abrasively remove dead skin.

This uses enzymes to break down dead skin and remove them gently so you can just wash them away after with soap and water.  It's harder to get in the United States but if you look around, you'll most likely find some quality ones online.  Just remember though, when buying this product, try a few out because the enzyme quality may be better or worse depending on what brand you buy.

GIFT #2: Juice Detox Set (Approximately $40 - $200)

The price ranges from as low as $40 as some pressed juice stores to as high as $300 or $400 because they are detox juice sets that are more than just one day.  The one that I've seen close to my friend's house in Los Angeles sells 8 freshly pressed juices for $40 plus tax.

The reason why this is a great gift is because detoxing can often help jumpstart your cleansing process when you first start clearing your acne.  And it also helps with acidity levels too.

GIFT #3: Water Ionizer (Approximately $900)

Found this one on Amazon.com.  The jury's still out on whether this actually works but the concept makes sense.  You eat alkaline foods to help change the pH level of your skin and therefore help your acne.

If you don't really understand what I'm referring to, you're going to do some research on your acidity level with the quiz HERE.

So if you can eat alkalinity to help your body, why not drink alkalinity?  There's just one small problem with this, which you can read about HERE.

Other than that, this makes for a great present for anyone who's looking to, not just clear their acne, but also improve their health.  It's hard to test, to what degree, these machines can change the pH level in the body and therefore make you healthier, but I think it's got other great benefits too such as water purification, creating acidic water to help kill bacteria and washing your dishes.

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