How Acne RUINED My High School Senior Pictures

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It’s always right before having to go to a party with someone you have a crush on, a date, or some sort of school dance. Or maybe a business meeting or presentation where you have to be in front of loads of people, pimples and zits strike when you least expect them too.

Today I just wanted to share with you guys one of those zit breakout horror stories that I used to go through back in school when my acne was at it’s worst.

Ray Before and After Picture high School

It popped up right underneath my nostril. Like right where my left nostril is at the corner. A BIG one.

It was deep seeded, like the kind that you can’t even pop because it’s so deep but also because it’s at such a weird angle.

The worst part is actually that I couldn’t even pop it. There was no white head at the top, this pimple was taking it’s sweet time to come to the surface. It was red and inflamed and worse, because I was so light skinned, it looked like a giant mole because the contrast was so great.

Whenever I looked at myself, all I could see was this giant mole acne thing. God, it was ugly.

And of course, this all happened right before … drumroll … senior pictures in high school.

Ray Before After High School Graduation

At least this one I took off my glasses and was smiling.

But wait, let’s not forget all the other acne scars and pop marks that I had on my face. And I can’t even remember ALL the other random pimples that I already had. I just remember this one because the image of it looking like a giant mole was burned into my mind.

So the days counted down until the senior pictures. Pictures that would be forever engraved in our yearbook.

Obviously, I tried on multiple occasions to try and pop this pimple … which only made it worse.

So now it wasn't just a red bump, it was like a black bump with all the scabbing and all the ... man ... I don't even want to get into it.

Finally, the day came and it was time to take those photos so what did I do?

I manned up.  I showed up and took the pictures.

And boyyy ... were they ugly.  Looking at them now, I had no idea how to deal with acne then.  And I'm so glad I know what I know now.  If you'll let me, I'd love to offer you my program The Acne Free Diet so you all can beat acne the way I beat it too, even though I thought nothing would work for me.  As a thank you, I take everything that I make from this website to design better products for you guys.

Luckily, in the process, I've also learned photoshop.

Ray Before After High School Graduation1

That's what I SHOULD HAVE looked like.  Mannn ... would life have been different.

However, I needed to go through that experience because I would've never been pushed to learn all the things I know about health today had I not suffered through acne those years.

It was a blessing in disguise.  And I saw the opportunity and now, while my friends are having health problems and skin problems, my skin is nicer than ever.

When I tell people my story, they say, "Wow Ray, you can't even tell that you've ever even had acne."

So what's your next step?  You can either keep reading about the acne free diet here or check out my program below:

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