"Is Fat Related to Acne?"

Ray J. Wang Talks About How Fat and Acne are Related.

"Is bad food really that bad for your face? It seems naturally that this would be the case, but if this is so, how come so many obese people have such great skin (and on the other hand, why DON’T obese people have the worst skin?)? In fact, among the people I know who have acne, most of them are either thin or fit and are very health-conscious; on the contrary, some people I know who have the clearest skin are either overweight or obese because they continually eat unhealthy foods. How does this make sense?"

-H.C., California

This is a question that I received from a reader of mine and I think it's a great question. In fact, it's a question that I wondered too back when I had acne, especially since I was one of those health conscious people who tried very hard to take care of my body and still had acne.

And what added even more insult to injury was the fact that those people who didn't seem to care about their bodies, ate whatever they wanted, gained weight, and maybe were even borderline obese had some of the nicest and clearest skin I had ever seen. This really bothered me, it seemed incredibly unfair that life turned out this way. And believe me, I was pretty upset about this for a while.

Finally, after years of acne, research, experimentation, and discovery, I believe that the answer to this illogical phenomenon is deeper than the surface level. And to find out what's really going on, we're going to have to delve in deeper than what things look like on the surface.

I've broken this article down into these different parts, to really get a full understanding of what's going on and how you can best cure your acne fully and not have it come back, I highly recommend that you read ALL the parts of this article COMPLETELY:


These people most likely have bodies that are different from ours.  When they eat certain foods, they gain weight.  I guess you can say, in a lot of ways, their bodies are reacting a lot like "normal" people's bodies.  Their bodies are reacting the way bodies should when they eat without exercise.  It's what we were taught in school and what would consider "just makes sense."  If you eat and don't exercise, you get fat.

And while there isn't a direct connection between eating and skin, the people who gain weight but have nice skin generally are healthy people.  They just aren't caring for their bodies or putting in as much work as other health conscious people who work out are.

For those of you who have been to my website before, the analogy that I generally like to give is related to cars.  Suppose on your 16th birthday, your parents get you a real nice car, let's just say it's a Lexus, Porsche or... a Ferrari.  So you drive this car around but you really aren't doing much to maintain it.  Eventually, that Lexus or Porsche is going to wear down.  Now, it's still going to be a great car, but it's probably not going to be the great car that you started out with.  And if we continue to walk down this path of not doing anything to take care of your car, it might end up having a lot of irreparable problems in the future.

So now, let's come back to overweight people who have really nice skin.  They probably weren't born overweight.  But because they realized they had healthy bodies, they did whatever they wanted and didn't really feel the damage as much.  Or it wasn't enough to make them change their lifestyle.  Time goes on, and they gain weight.  But even gaining weight and being "fat" isn't enough to make them want to change their lifestyle.   So they keep eating and not working out, and they keep gaining weight.  Now their actually "fat" but they still have nice skin because the other parts of their bodies are working well.

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They take care of their bodies.  They work out.  They try their best to eat right.  They wash their faces every day.  But STILL, they have acne.  What is going on here?

These people most likely have a different body type than those who get "fat."  When they don't give their bodies what they need, the problem that manifests itself comes out in the form of acne.  It doesn't mean that this person is less healthy, it just means that they body may have a different set of weaknesses or reactions than another person who gains weight.

Usually, in my experience, people who have acne generally aren't overweight and people who are overweight generally don't have acne.  But I think this has more to do with the fact that people who have acne and are fit got that way because they are now making a conscious effort to improve their health by whatever means necessary.  In other words, it probably started with a pimple or two.  Then when this person's acne got worse, they became more aware of their appearance.  And in an effort to improve their appearance, they started eating healthier, working out, and taking care of their bodies more.  In essence, this was already the kind of person that was more aware of how they looked than the "average" person.  None the less, no matter how they worked out or ate right, they still weren't clearing their acne.  The end result?  A person who is physically fit, but still has acne.

And the reason why they still have acne is because, while they may be eating healthier, they're not eating the RIGHT kind of foods that can fight off acne.  What are those foods?  Keep reading to find out =)

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Don't worry though, the world is fair in many ways.  Even Porsches and Ferraris don't last forever if they're not properly maintained.  In the same way, if that fat person continues to neglect their health and not care for their bodies, it'll catch up with them.

That Porsche will eventually start leaking oil.  If it leaks oil for long enough, some of the engine may become damaged.  If the car still is not properly fixed, the next major issue that might start showing up is paint deterioration.  Because if you think about it, a person who doesn't care too much for their car probably doesn't care too much for other things in their car either.  It's probably dirty, there might be bird droppings everywhere, the paint probably will stop chipping.  After a few more years, this once beautiful car might end up even worse than that basic Toyota which seemed so normal years ago.  And when you put the two cars next to each other, that 30 year old Porsche might look even worse than that well maintained 30 year old Toyota.

The same is true with our bodies.  These people who let themselves go with their bodies aren't going to stay healthy forever.  Come time, their youth and natural health will give way, and when that happens, if they haven't learned the principles of how to really care for their bodies, the difference will show.

And the difference isn't only going to show up in their weight either.  It's going to show up in their loss of hair, the prescription in their eyes, how dry their lips are, how much energy they have, in their digestion of food, their handling of alcohol, how much sleep they need but still feel tired, possible tumors that form in their stomach or lungs, how often they get sick and how fast they recover, and sometimes even in very serious diseases like cancer.

Oddly enough, even when all these things happen, some of these people may STILL have nice skin.  However, the real damage will take place on the inside of their bodies.  People who get acne and aren't fat vs people who get fat and have clear skin generally have different body types.  And because we have different body types, even our health problems manifest themselves in different ways.

This is just a prime example of, just because that "fat" person has clear skin doesn't mean that they are healthy.  And just because that muscular guy has acne doesn't mean he is unhealthy.  But it doesn't mean he is healthy either.  It just means that real "health" is a lot more complicated than skin.  It has to do with diet, lifestyle, genetics, and how you care for your body and skin.  It's generally a lot harder and more difficult to just look at a person's skin and be able to tell what's going on unless you had a ultra high powered microscope.

That being said, if you have a Lexus, that may be a different story.  I hear they hold up pretty well without maintenance. =)

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If you seem to be taking care of your body, you work out, try to eat healthy, and wash your face pretty often to make sure you're as clean as possible yet STILL have acne then you probably fit into the category of "PEOPLE WHO ARE HEALTH CONSCIOUS, FIT, AND STILL HAVE ACNE."

And that's perfectly okay.

It doesn't mean that you're going to be stuck with acne your entire life.  You simply need to learn the right way to care for your acne.

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The solution to curing your acne is to not focus on improving your health in the commonly accepted way.   Now, what I'm NOT saying is to not work out, not eat healthy, and not wash your skin.  That is NOT what I'm saying.  However, what I am saying is that what we believe now to be "taking care" of our bodies needs to be tweaked a little bit, especially if you have acne.  And that "tweak" that you're looking for is exactly what How To Clear Your Acne is about.

What every acne sufferer must learn, especially the ones that are really fit and health conscious yet still can't figure out why they still have acne, is that there is a DIFFERENT KIND OF TAKING CARE OF YOUR BODY ROUTINE for us.  Our bodies are different than the "average" person who eats whatever they want and just gains weight.  Sometimes our bodies, which you've probably already noticed, doesn't even gain weight.  Sometimes, when we neglect our bodies, we just end up breaking out instead.  And it sucks.

It doesn't make any sense that we're eating "right," working out, getting a good sweat, going to a sauna, washing our face, and then doing a facial mask yet we STILL breakout.  WHY?!

So whatever you do, don't just keep working out and trying to eat "healthy" thinking that something's going to change and that your acne is suddenly going to start clearing up if you just try harder.

I know this doesn't work.  Because that's what I used to do.  I would just redouble my efforts thinking that I wasn't trying hard enough.  But that's not the answer and it's not going to cure your acne.

You need to stop and think.  Reformulate a new plan.  Really try and understand what's going on.  Figure out the WHY.

It's questions just like these that I racked my brain for years!   I've been in your shoes before and it's hard to really know what works and what doesn't.  It just seems like there are so many acne products out there, it's hard to really find out with ones are telling the truth and which ones are lying. I've bought a lot of them too, Clearasil, Murad, ProActiv, those are just to name a few that I've tried.  I used to have use a lot of acne products such as aloe vera, benzoyl peroxide, face creams, masks, etc... But these days, I barely even wash my face once a day sometimes, and I'm still clear. I'm proof that clearing your acne the healthy and natural way works. And it's permanent too, I still have clear skin and I have no problems maintaining acne free, clear skin.

And I finally figured out the perfect routine and way to care for our bodies and our skin if you have acne.  The true causes of acne are really dirty blood and an overwhelmed system. And I talk a lot about these two causes in my website and more in detail about how to deal with them in my products.

For anybody reading this article, if you're serious about clearing your acne for good, the logical next step for you would be to learn about your body. It doesn't matter if you choose me or someone else, I would highly recommend you to start learning about how to clear your acne from the inside instead of concentrating on the outside. Make sure you know that outside acne treatments are only short term, and that you really want to focus on clearing acne from the inside out.

I don't hold back in this program, I'm telling you all of my experience, my stories, what I went through, what I learned, how I cleared my acne, and I'm teaching you exactly as if I were standing right next to you coaching you through the way. I WISH that I had something like this when I had acne. It would've saved me so much TIME, MONEY, and ENERGY.

I, and thousands of other people, have spent years of our lives suffering from acne.  And I mean REALLY SUFFERING from having acne.  And it's just a handful of us that finally found the secret to be able to free ourselves from those dark days when we hated the reflections of ourselves in the mirror.

There are those people out there that look at their old pictures and remember the days when they USED TO HAVE acne.

Some of them now have moved on with their lives and forgotten about the nights that they were ashamed of meeting new people because of their acne.

The question I have for you is...


Or are you going to just be another one of the dozens and hundreds and thousands of guys that just stand and wait… or hopes that whatever you're doing now will somehow magically start working?

If you want to know all the steps, top to bottom and front to back for how to clear your acne once in for all, then I have a hint for you …

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